A Team of Specialists

CHANDLERTHINKS utilizes an agent-based marketing model. In other words, we believe clients require a team of specialists, not a house of generalists. Here are just a few of those specialized marketing agents.

Owner/Brand Strategist


Steve is a career marketing man with almost two decades of experience in strategic planning and brand development for local, regional and national brands. He originally started working on classic consumer products until becoming fascinated by the marketing of places (cities, destinations, communities and anywhere else you need an experience).

More than 50 "places" later, Steve continues to guide numerous destinations through the strategic and delicate process of community branding and planning, and still enjoys the whole process. He enjoys everything from the research and learning phase, to helping bring out the special experience and story that can be found from each dot on the map.

Throughout his career, Steve has immersed himself in the highly relevant digital marketing industry which allows a continual fresh perspective and approach to branding. He also speaks on various marketing and branding topics where his natural high energy is on full display.

Give him a tweet at @sschandler. Do it.



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Operations/Project Management

Patty Dondeville

Patty has the distinct background of helping grow not one, but two marketing agencies from their infancy to great maturity. Simply stated, she knows what needs to be done to make things happen. Let's just say she's the one that pays attention to all the details and brings order to the madness — sort of the perfect “yin" to Steve’s “yang.”



Research Director

Greg Fuson

"If you want to know the answer, you've got to ask the question.” That's Greg's mantra. Greg has been helping clients understand their market through research for more than 20 years. He has developed his skills in research design and management for both quantitative and qualitative research.

Greg has managed research studies for more than 80 destinations across the country, as well as a number of national clients including Nortel Networks, Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Ruby Tuesday, O’Charley’s Restaurants, Walgreens, Harris-Teeter, Coca-Cola and the Country Music Association.

Naturally, Greg's twitter handle is @Destin2Explore.



Graphic Designer

Dori Nicholson

Dori has designed more logos for more communities than any one person we know. Her work can be found on water towers, police cars, welcome signs and lot of marketing elements around the country. But beware. If Dori asks you the same question twice, it is not because she didn't hear you - she's trying to change your mind. It works - thankfully.


Market Research and Project Manager

Michaela Marchardt

Michaela is a marketing specialist with experience in strategic planning, marketing research, and digital media. She is very detail-oriented and is not afraid to study an organization, dig into research, ask questions, and ultimately help establish a strong and competitive brand based on insights and facts.

She has worked with various organizations in the tourism, restaurant, healthcare, automotive and entertainment industries. 

Michaela has worked with members of the Chandlerthinks team for many years and continues to add value and insight to each project. To top it all off, she is also fluent in spoken and written German and French.