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Chandlerthinks is a strategic minded, agent-based marketing company that helps communities create a sense of place and assists brands in developing their strongest voice.

We believe clients deserve a team of specialists instead of a house of generalists. This allows clients and related projects to always have the right people for the job versus whomever happens to be available. Want to know more about "agent-based marketing?" Ask Steve and he'll give you a great story about The Hulk.

We're located at 407 Church Street, Suite 2, Franklin, Tennessee 37064— just a few miles south of Music City.

a competitive identity


Our primary focus is leading and managing the process of place branding for cities, communities and tourism destinations. Collectively, our team has assisted more than 50 communities with the process of developing a competitive identity for the purpose of building tourism, economic development and community momentum. 

express yourself


We help places promote themselves. Attractions, events, festivals, museums, tours, schools, communities and DMOs. We help them with research, determine ROI, develop marketing plans, social media coaching, digital marketing and the good, old-fashioned traditional advertising.

staying relevant


We do a lot of digital marketing for clients for one reason - today's marketers demand to "fish where the fish are." As a result, the evolving needs of clients are focused on learning what's next in social media and staying relevant in the creation and harvesting of their digital footprint. Social, search, web development and more. Sure. We've got a "guy" for that — we create a team of specialists, remember? 

We've helped a lot of people.

Latest Brand Stories.


Geared For Fun

Bowling Green, Kentucky

You know you've struck a chord with your branding direction when other local organizations are asking to use elements. That's what is happening in Bowling Green. 



Life In Action

Carlsbad, California

Both work and play are important in Carlsbad and one is truly not fulfilling without the other.



Powered By Nature

Elk River, Minnesota

They love their outdoors.


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Latest chronicles.



Why should you conduct an economic impact study for your festival or event?

Nothing brings a community together like a strong event. The annual celebrations held in all towns, food festivals and holiday events create energy like none other. Events and festivals bring families together and often celebrate a community’s heritage. Most importantly, they create a concentrated volume of activity centered in the city’s downtown. They can really showcase a community’s identity. What surprises me, is that very few festivals and events gather data and measure its impact.  Many do not know if the event really makes sense.




Your Community Image is Crucial to Economic Development

Guest Post from Annie Deckert, Decklan Group




Sell Your City

Sell your city! I don't mean provide information such as where the water bill can be sent or list out the departments from your municipality. I mean sell it. Too often cities (municipality, chamber of commerce or even economic development) can work really hard at providing the services expected of them, that they forget to sell the emotional benefits of their wonderful community.



A Team of Specialists.

Chandlerthinks utilizes an agent-based marketing model. In other words, we believe clients require a team of specialists, not a house of generalists. Please meet just a few of those specialized marketing agents.

Meet the rest of the team.

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